Une Image (Trois): Mis Bellas Damas

Johannes Veermer,
La Joven de la Perla o Muchacha con Turbante,
Siglo XVII

Scarlett Johansson, Griet,
The Girl With a Pearl Earring,
Peter Webber, 2003

Mariela Montero, Gran Hermano 2007
La Chica de la Perla (Negra)
Salta (ambas lindas), Argentina

3 comentarios:

blondbearnl dijo...

scarlett married, sorry for all those horny, drooling straight men who can't keep their eyes off scarlet the starlet. and i can imagine why, wouldn't say no to a male equivalent;-) , although i prefer darkhaired guys.
Vermeer painted a great painting. it still speaks to us centuries later. Mariela Montero is an Argentinean Big Brother contestant? Big Brother, i am soooo ashamed of this, is a Dutch invention as well. By the EndeMol company. van der Ende and de Mol

noserefelizmaistenholaringe dijo...

If I was hetero or bisexual, Scarlett would be top of my list. Mariela Montero is the epytomous of the argentinian female, naturally super sexy, wonderful legs. Enfermol (like we love to name it here -Enfermo, equal Sick-) infects the world right now, but we exchange our most letal weapon too: Maxima, your future queen! Take care of she and her boys!!!

blondbearnl dijo...

Hhaha Maxima is a screwd lade without being a shrew, and I don't think her husband and our our future KIng can tame her, maybe she can make him wilder and more passioante as Latinas and Latinos are known for. Some pepper up his arse;-)
I like the Enfermol description. John De Mol solf it for 5 and half billion euros and this week bought it back for 2.6 billion Euros! After our Queen and the Heineken heiress the richest Dutch person.